Update: We have solved some technical issues. Gobrochures.com is working normally.

Features Summary

goBrochures.com has many excellent features that will help make your job a little bit easier. Here's a quick summary...

One Login

This new version of goBrochures.com offers the convenience of using a single login step to order brochures from other places and to manage orders for your own guides. Once you login you sell see "Send" and "Order" tabs that the top of the screen. Pretty simple...

Quick Order

goBrochures is fast, yes, but we've built in some "double-checks" along the way. The shopping cart is one such check which can be avoided (if you're really, really sure) by using Quick Order.

Quick Order is just that... an instant order. Enter the quantity, click "order" and we instantly send an email to the publisher.

What is the Shopping Cart?

The Shopping Cart (or just "cart") is like your final checklist before you commit to the orders you're placing.

Use this as a chance to review your orders and ensure you haven't double-ordered or entered the wrong quantity.

When you're sure your order is correct simply click the "checkout" button and your orders will be sent to all publishers automatically.

My Private Listings

Our goal is to list every Official Guide on the planet... but that might take a few more weeks!! In the mean time, we've created My Private Listings to help you consolidate all your brochure ordering in one place.

What is My Private Listings?

Your Private Brochure List allows you to keep all your brochure details in one place, even if the supplier doesn't list on goBrochures.com.

If you can't find a guide listed on goBrochures then just add it to My Private Listings. Only you (or your staff) can see these guides, but orders are still processed the same as other goBrochures listings.

If you add a Private Listing with an email address we will automatically send your order by email when you click the order button.

If your Private Listing only has a phone number then you still have the benefit of using My Private Listings as an Address Book and, when you phone and place your order, goBrochures will log the order on your Private Pending Orders page.

My Favourites

My Favourites is a list of all the guides you've ever ordered. If you always order the same guides it's simple to just go to this page and re-order from one spot.

Pending Orders

The Pending Orders page tracks all orders you are still waiting on (shipping or receiving). Using this page means you'll never lose another order again.

Manual Order Entry

If you distribute your community's official travel guide you know the hassle of trying to consolidate all your order requests in one place. Manual Order Entry lets you do that by entering orders received from other sources so that all your orders can be consolidated in one location.

My Products

You already know how easy it is to order other people's guides. Now it's time to list your own so that the rest of the world can find it quickly and easily. Just fill out the form, upload a cover image (if you have one) and we look after the rest!